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At Wageningen University & Research, you can order various products via the webshop. These products are KWIN Livestock, KWIN Greenhouse Horticulture, Handbooks of the various sectors and the Piglet price scheme.
For a number of products, you can subscribe to the digital version. These are ongoing subscriptions, which will be billed annually, until you unsubscribe. Only a one-time pdf can be downloaded for the digital version of KWIN Greenhouse Horticulture. You can also order hard copies from KWIN Livestock, KWIN Greenhouse Horticulture or the manuals. These items will be sent to you with the accompanying invoice.

Once you have registered, you can order products with your login details and use the digital versions almost immediately. The ordered books will be sent to you within a few days.
Farmers, who register, receive a discount on a number of products. To do this, you must enter your 9-digit BRS number (not your UBN number, but the number for correspondence about manure!).

Information about the content and price of products is provided with the relevant product.

For any furhter information, please contact Izak Vermeij,, +31 (0)317-480 483 (Livestock), or Marcel Raaphorst,, +31 (0)317-485 450 (Greenhouse Horticulture).

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